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Our Company

Our company is engaged in manufacturing where we process coconut derivative products, namely coconut shells into coconut shell charcoal. And after that our company expanded to process more derivative products.

Poradaan is one of the main producers of coconut products in Indonesia. We produce Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha and BBQ, Coco Peat, and Coco Fiber.

Poradaan is a private company with a very diverse customer base. Our dedicated production and quality control team has worked tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products that our customers expect. Supported and the best technology for our industry. Ultimately, it is our top priority to meet the satisfaction and expectations of our customers.

Our Vision

We have a strategy for success which is to develop a network of farmers across the coconut plantations that we manage. And we ensure readiness in our processing plants, to be able to produce the best products with international quality.

Currently our company has partnered with many coconut farmers in eastern Java. We also help local economies to develop and provide welfare for existing farmers.

The Djava Collaboration Team

Dimas Widi
Founder from CAI & Chairman

Co-Founder  & Chairman

Dodo Wijanarko

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